Welcome to The Iyer’s page

Welcome to the page of our family – The Iyers; we came to America in the late 90’s to figure out how to make a life in the US.

We are a family of four – myself, wife and two kids living in sunny California, having migrated here during the late 90’s from India. My daughter recently got married so we have a new addition to our family – our son-in-law and his family!

We had a wonderful life in India and both our kids were born there – in Mumbai (aka Bombay) before I got an opportunity to come here with a company based in the US.

I’m a business consultant – helping people to be able to use accounting systems in their day-to-day life. I have extensive experience in Oracle Applications (Oracle) and have been working with this product since I started working for Oracle in 1992.

I came here in 1997 working for Fortuna Technologies Inc., based in Sunnyvale; and have since lived in the Bay Area for the last 20+ years, and loving it!

I currently work for myself at a company – FSCP Solutions Inc. that I started in 2005, to allow me to work as an independent consultant. I help customers, train and ease their transition from various manual, legacy systems to newer systems.

I will be updating this web page and other related pages in this web site with my musings and other content related to my work.

I am an avid reader, learning photographer and love to listen to music.